Hire a ScrumMaster

It can be very difficult for you to learn a new skill until you have see someone else demonstrate it. The Scrum framework is easy to understand but more difficult to implement in practice. It is the ScrumMaster who is the team’s Scrum expert. New ScrumMaster’s often struggle with the role and it’s apparent contradictions due to their lack of experience in the role.

We introduced our “Hire a ScrumMaster” service precisely to solve this problem.

Why Hire an Experienced SrumMaster

We will guide you through introducing or improving your

Our engagement length varies, but typically runs over 5-8 sprints, depending on the clients requirements.

All of our ScrumMasters are certified by the Scrum Alliance as experts in Scrum. They also have years of experience apply scrum in the real world, across a number of industries and problem domains.

If you wish to make an enquiry about this service and confirm our availability, please use our contact us page.