The Advanced Git Training Course

The advanced git training course focused on using git with distributed workflows. The git basic course introduces the concept of the centralised workflow along with a branch merging strategy. This course introduces a distributed workflow which is often better suited to larger, geographically separated teams.

The course also shows how the history of a repository can be changed. This is beneficial because this provides a more linear repository history. The technique must be used carefully and is not without its drawbacks. The pros and cons of the approach will be outlined.

The course covers:


Participants are expected to have successfully completed the git basics course.

The course requires that a git server exists. This can be achieved in one of two ways. We can provide a git server as a virtual machine image. This images will require suitable hardware begin available to host it. The image will also require some necessary post install configuration in the form of the setting up users. Alternatively one of the many cloud based git hosting services can be used. We can advise you on the benefits of the various hosted solutions available.