Git Training

We offer three distinct training courses for git. Each course covers a different aspect of git. Each course can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your software development team.

We offer three courses. They are

We deliver these courses to very small groups, typically just four to six people at a time. Our courses are highly interactive. We believe that you learn more effectively if you practice at each stage.

What our Students Say

“The service received from Kulawe was professional and attentive. Owen assisted in setting up many projects, and his enthusiasm and knowledge, of git in particular, were faultless.” Craig, Cubic.

Course Cost

The course is offered at £400 + VAT per participant for the one day course. If you require the course to be delivered over two days please contact us.

Course Duration

All of our training courses are one day. Please note however that this is a very full day. We have been previously asked to deliver the same material over two days as a less intensive course. We are happy to accommodate any further similar requests in the future.

If you would prefer to have the course run over two days then please contact us.

Training Location

We normally prefer to train developers on site when possible. This allows us to tailor the course to your specific needs. We will typically take a live problem or task and use that as the a basis of the training material.

Our on site training is offered UK wide. If you require a European location, please contact us to with your requirements to arrange for a quote.

Off site training in one of our training locations is also available upon request.

Training Group Size

We have no minimum training group size. However we ask that the maximum group size is six. If you require more than six people trained we suggest that the these are trained as two or more smaller groups.

How do I book a course?

Please use our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you in arranging a course for you. We ask that you indicate the course you require, the number of participants and your preferred location (on-site or off-site).

Who is our training for?

Our training is suitable for anyone on your project. This includes the software developers and architects, web designers, the testers and QA staff and the project manager.